Have a Home to Rent

Do you own a rental property? Would you like to have an experienced and honest property manager? Would you like to see your investment make a difference? Here are some of the benefits to enrolling your property with Advantage Housing:

  • Peace of Mind - Anyone who has ever managed a rental property knows the constant attention they require. With your property managed by Advantage Housing, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced manager is looking out for your best interests. With over 12 years of landlord experience, we know how to keep tenants happy, properties safe and our community proud.
  • Low Management Fees and Labor Rates - Property management fees are as low as 10% of rents collected. With our team of skilled staff and volunteers, we are able to complete repairs and maintenance to save you money. Our growing warehouse of supplies (new and used) helps you save on materials. Quality of the work is guaranteed and insured. Call to discuss rates, services and contract details.
  • Tenant Screening - Good people go through bad times. Our mission is to help. While we try to help anyone who asks, we are very careful to perform full background and/or credit checks so we know full well the challenges our tenants are trying to overcome.
  • Property Improvements - Because we strive to help our tenants take pride and ownership in their home, we offer improvement allowances to add amenities like ceiling fans, garbage disposals, storm/screen doors, window blinds, etc. While these improvements are encouraging to the tenant, they also improve your property as well. These improvements are sponsored by our program at no cost to you.
  • Philanthropy and Community Pride - Last, but not least is the charitable deed you are doing for someone in need, as well as the sense of community pride as we live together as a city. The real and lasting purpose of life and possessions is to be a better human race. 


Your partnership with Advantage Housing will change lives and help foster the compassion that changes us all.